Waiver & Release of Liability

Everyone participating in E.Fitness478 understands that particpating in any sport or exercise program and the use of any equipment, fitness facility or gym could result in an injury or accident. Also, the change in any diet or nutrition program may cause the body adverse changes and or overall health. Due to the risks involved, each participant acknowledges that all programs offered through E. Fitness are provided on an "as is" basis and agrees to assume the full participation in any of the programs provided or recommended by E. Fitness 478 or Eric.

Participants in any program offered through E. Fitness478, takes full repsonsiblity for his/her health, physical, mental, emotional wellbeing. Participants understand the E.Fitness478 and/or Eric will not offer any medical services or provide any medical diagnosis. Every client that signs up for a program. claims to be in good health, has approval from a medical doctor to participate in our sevices. If at any time participant feels it is unsafe to continue in any component of the program(s), he/she will immediately discontinue participation.

Participants agree and ackowledge that this agreement is binding on the participant as well as his/her child, heirs, ward, executors, administrators, and anyone else who may try to make a claim on participants behalf. Participant has carefully read and understands the contents of this binding waiver and release with full knowledge of its legal significance.

Please go to the forms page to sign forms necessary to begin any program with E. Fitness.